Coil of Boughs Pre-Order

🌳Coil of Boughs🔥, my new mm monster romance, full of murder and mayhem and smut, set to release June 1st, 2024.

Skilled archer Ryurikov enjoys an unfettered life of thieving and debauchery. He wasn’t expecting to die at the hands of a witch while trying to steal from her. Neither did he expect to be revived by spirits with morally stringent demands. Or to be followed by a demon, hungry for his dreams. Luckily, Ryurikov has plenty of good dreams to trade in exchange for the demon’s help. He also possesses a wealth of denial about his past, his growing feelings for the demon, and the creatures slowly burning kingdoms to ashes. Too bad for Ryurikov, since he has no choice but to face all three.

IF YOU’RE AN ARC READER and want a copy, sign up here: (all tropes, warnings, plus the first chapter are on there)

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