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Coil of Boughs

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🌳Coil of Boughs🔥, my new mm monster romance, full of murder and mayhem and smut, set to release June 1st, 2024. Skilled archer Ryurikov enjoys an unfettered life of thieving and debauchery. He wasn’t expecting to die at the hands of a witch while trying to steal from her. Neither did he expect to be revived by spirits with morally stringent demands. Or to be followed by a demon, hungry for his dreams. Luckily, Ryurikov has plenty of good dreams to trade in exchange for the demon’s help. He also possesses a wealth of denial about his past, his growing feelings for the demon, and the creatures slowly burning kingdoms to ashes. Too bad for Ryurikov, since he has no choice but to face all three. IF YOU’RE AN ARC READER and want a copy, sign up here: (all tropes, warnings, plus the first chapter are on there)
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Coil of Boughs cover art reveal and the ARC sign up is HERE!An all new dark fantasy m/m monster romance. Click the link for the blurb, a full list of tropes and triggers, and the fist chapter to get a taste for the story!
cover art features oliver, a short lad with silver hair and a silver fur mantle, holding the hand of a tall humanoid with a dark green hood, a mask, and robes. The background has silver and blood red with barren trees.

Cover reveal for Miners of the Tempest

I am nearing the final stages of editing the second installment of The Miners Mine series. With that comes the cover reveal and a few of the tropes you can find. Not least of which are hurt/comfort, m/m gay romance, lots of angst, and of course, human/non-human. Get ready for plenty of smut and horror! The blurb:In the depths of the Tesera Mine, Oliver’s hope of finding Tau again fades with each passing day. Just as despair consumes him, his Sentinel returns, only a shadow of the mighty being he once was. Oliver swears revenge against those responsible, but there’s no time to plan or savour being reunited, as a deadly mistake forces him and his friends to escape. With no other choice, and a weakened Tau, Oliver traces the steps of his missing teammate to war-torn lands. He’s wholly unprepared to discover the toll exacted by mining for magic, and it’s worse than Oliver could have ever imagined. His hunger for revenge becomes a desperate need to putRead More

MotM leaving KU

Another month, more words into the second book of The Miners Mine series rewrite, with the cover art nearly complete! I’ll be able to start showing teasers of it soon.On December 15th, Miners of the Mystics will leave KU, but will become available in many other places. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to read it on KU!

ARCs are live Planned Release date

Planned Release date is September 16, 2023! If you signed up to be an ARC reader, you should have gotten an email/newsletter with the link to the ARC page. If you haven’t gotten a newsletter mail, then be sure to check your spam folder.